How Boat Anchors Can Save Your Life!

30 May 2018
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Did you know that anchors can save your life? You may be wondering just how a hunk of metal that you chuck to the bottom of a river, lake, etc., could be so influential in keeping you alive. As you will see, it depends a lot on how you use the anchor and whether or not you remember to use an anchor.

Anchors Keep Your Boat from Drifting

Anchors keep your boat from drifting. If you allow your boat to drift, there is no telling where you could end up. When you are hunting or fishing in high reeds or marshy places, that could be very dangerous. You may not find your way out or find your way home. Trapped, you could be attacked by large predators, dehydrate, or possibly even die. Investing in a good anchor, like an Ultra anchor from a place like Fehrway Marine, ensures that your boat will put down "roots" where you want your boat to stay while you fish or hunt.

Anchors Keep You and Your Boat Away from Water Dangers

Water dangers, in this case, refers to things like a dam. Dams are meant to release fast-flowing and elevated water out into a river to prevent flooding. You should never get too close to a dam at all, not even when the dam is closed, because it may be automatically set to open and close. Then, your boat and you could end up getting crushed in the dam's levees and gates. If there is a dam close to where you moor your boat, throw down the anchor and leave it down. If the ropes were to come loose, the anchor would stop your boat from being crushed in the dam.

Anchors Could Prevent You from Going over a Waterfall or Being Caught in Rapids

It is not likely that you would intentionally go anywhere near a waterfall or close to white water rapids in boats that are not designed to take bumps and falls. However, stranger things have happened.

In the event that your anchor is somehow in the boat as you head toward these dangers:

  1. Pick up the anchor
  2. Look for the nearest crack in rocks or a large, low-lying tree limb
  3. Swing the anchor overhead as far as you can chuck it to try and get it hooked over the limb or stuck in the cracks of the rocks
  4. Then pull hard to make the anchor grab and stick.

If the power of the waves tries to overturn and take your boat, hold onto the anchor's chain or rope and do not let go. If at all possible, call for help. If not, hang on as long as you can or figure out how you can maneuver your boat to shore. Doing all of the above will ensure that you will not die going through rapids or over a fall.

You Can Use an Anchor to Kill a Predator

Anchors often have sharp, pointy shovel ends. These shovel ends are made to dig into the mud and dirt at the bottom of a water way. They are also effective if you find yourself being attacked by a crocodile, a bear, a mountain lion, a wolf, or some other major predator. Swing that anchor round and round or turn it shovel-ends-up to use as a stabbing weapon and put it between you and the predator. When you do not have anything else in your boat, and the predator looks as though it might swim out to you or charge at you through the water or on land, the anchor will save you.