Ready For Some International Football? Products That Put You In The Mood To Watch The World Cup

18 February 2019
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American football has nothing on international football, known to Americans as "soccer." Each year, dozens of teams from around the world and several countries compete against each other until a handful of teams are left for the play-offs/championship games. The final two teams play for the World Cup. If you have never watched a game of international football, you should get started now. To get you into the mood for watching these games, here are some "soccer ball" products that may help.

​Full-Size, Playable Replicas of the Balls Used in the World Cup Games

​If you want to kick the ball around in the yard with some buddies before the games begin, buy one or more of these full-sized, completely playable replicas of the balls used in the World Cup games. It makes playing at home more fun and interesting when you know that the ball you are kicking around the yard is exactly the same size and coloration of the ball in play during the games. There are some team balls, too, each with a world team color pattern on the ball. Pick the team or teams that you think will be your favorites, and then buy the soccer balls with those team colors. 

Goal Nets

​It is not football (or soccer) unless you have goal nets. If your yard is not large enough for two nets to represent two end goals, buy just the one net and play with the space you have. They are also very useful during hockey season. 

​Books on the Game, and on Past World Cup Stats

​To familiarize yourself some more with the game, learn the rules. Learn what the FIFA regulated game rules are. These were developed so that every nation represented by the organization and playing in the games all play by the same rules, and not just by individual country rules. Buy the books that talk about past games and game stats, too. They will get you excited and pumped up to watch the upcoming games on TV. 

Game Day Jerseys

​Jerseys or game shirts are extremely popular products among international football fans. Until you become familiar with teams and some of the most valued and respected players, keep it simple by wearing a shirt that is a replica of the ones worn by your favorite countries. If you really want to support Britain, for instance, wear the British football jersey/shirt on the day the teams play.